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Failure Free Reading is now optimized to run on smartphones, tablets, and iPads! [More]
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Jeff Clayton - - Software Architect/IT Director
Failure Free For Smartphones, Tablets and iPads


OCTOBER 2014..........Failure Free Reading’s nationally recognized non-phonic reading intervention is now available on most smartphones, tablets, and iPads for classroom and in-home use.

While current and future users can still use Failure Free Reading (FFR) on their high-speed internet connected computers they now have additional options to access FFR on the go or in the classroom.

“Most schools and parents are not tied down to computers any more. We wanted our customers to fit Failure Free Reading into their classrooms and daily lives with ease, on their schedule. Now with Failure Free Reading optimized to run on tablets, smartphones, and iPads the possibilities for reading success are endless,” says Dr. Joseph Lockavitch, author of the Failure Free Reading Program.

Lockavitch isn’t the only one who is excited about FFR’s improved availability. “I loved using Failure Free’s Home Edition in our house but with our busy schedules we didn’t do it as often as I’d hoped to. Instead of streaming a video or playing a silly app on our phone we can use Failure Free Reading. My son loves it and I can feel great about him using it more often,” said Mrs. Ward a user of the FFR Home Edition who uses FFR with her five-year-old son.

For over twenty years Failure Free Reading has been used in classrooms around the country. Infused with the evidence based Failure Free Reading Methodology, FFR is a proven non-phonic language-based reading intervention that accelerates the vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency of students who defy traditional reading interventions. FFR gives students the opportunity to experience what it feels like to read fluently with full expression and comprehension from age appropriate materials, regardless of their prior ability or current classification from the first lesson on. FFR is available for educators to use in the classroom, school, or district-wide. Combined with the successful launch in 2007 of FFR’s “Home Edition,” FFR has reached countless students, k-adult, across the country. For questions or more information on Failure Free Reading and its available products visit or call 1-888-233-READ.

- Dr. Joe and the Failure Free Reading Team

iPad is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. in the US and other countries. Kindle Fire is a registered trademark of, Inc. or its affiliates.