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For 25 years, Failure Free Reading has been the
intervention that schools turn to when all others have failed!
Jeff Clayton - - Senior Software Engineer/IT Director
ID Teacher calls Failure Free "an AMAZING reading program" [ MORE ]    
ELL / ESL Solution

A Core Academic English Reading Program
For Beginning ELL Students of All Ages

Designed to "fast-track" ELL students' critical Academic English vocabulary, expressive fluency and comprehension. While students have the option and comfort of hearing all directions in Spanish, they are always taught in English only.

Pertaining to "Fast-Tracking" ELL Students' Academic English Reading Ability:

Fact # 1 The English Language is Highly Redundant A mere 2,000 English words account for 90% of all the words used in grades 1-9

Failure Free Reading teaches over 2,600 of the most frequently used English words in just 270 one hour lessons.

Fact # 2 It is important to distinguish Academic English Reading Ability from conversational language skills

Many ELLs who struggle academically have well-developed conversational English skills.

Fact # 3 Beginning English Reading Materials are too complex for Emerging English ELL students

Traditional Beginning English material fail to control for the simultaneous access to the three instructional elements crucial for ELL Academic English reading success.

Each Software Lesson Consists Of:

  • Vocabulary Development
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Word Recognition
  • Spelling
  • Fluency
  • Scripted Lessons
  • Ample Reinforcement
  • Error Correction
  • Data Analysis