For over thirty years Failure Free Reading has been meeting the needs of non-readers and chronic non-responders using a nationally recognized research based reading methodology.


Based on the research of Dr. Joseph Lockavitch, Failure Free Reading (FFR) has set itself apart to allow all students, regardless of prior struggles, the ability to experience reading success with fluency and full comprehension.

Failure Free Reading's research based methodology accounts for and removes traditional road blocks found in the teaching of reading. Failure Free Reading's solutions streamline the process of learning to read for the student and teacher!

"Many of our middle school students were able to, for the first time, read age and grade level appropriate materials... (and) move on to more involved, higher order thinking skill material."

-- Martin Harberl, Instructional Coordinator, Cecil County Public Schools

Did you know:

Up to 30% of Regular Ed students Fail in Phonics?

Did you know:

Up to 50% of Special Ed students Fail in Phonics?

Failure Free Reading uses a multi step process of teaching, technology, and text to accelerate their students regardless of prior reading abilities

STEP 1: Scripted Teacher-Led Oral Language Development Lesson

Direct Instruction:
The teacher previews vocabulary, models reading, teaches comprehension using factual, inferential and leading questions

STEP 2: Talking Software

Students move to the computer for self-paced instruction that provides the structure, privacy and positive and immediate feedback necessary for independent engagement and independence:

• Diagnostic/Prescriptive assessment (placement & exit)
• Pre/post tests for each story
• Pre-teaching lesson for each lesson
• Talking book instruction each lesson
• Word Recognition activity each lesson
• Reinforcement Activities each lesson include spelling practice
• Reading Comprehension Quiz
• Snapshot, Detailed & Diagnostic progress monitoring Reports
• Directions, pronunciations provided in English, Spanish, and American Sign Language!

STEP 3: Print Independent Activities

Practice, Review & Transfer:
Failure Free Reading offers abundant print materials that can be purchased for each story to reinforce comprehension, develop fluency, and promote transfer and confidence. Independent Activities: fill in the blank, complete sentence, alphabetical order, sentence scramble, sentence illustration, word illustration, word search, and written response.

Finally, students transfer to print using the Illustrated Readers.

Failure Free Reading offers a variety of solutions to meet your students, school, or district needs. K-12+ ELL/ESL, Learning Disabled, Autistic, Hearing Impaired / Deaf, and chronic non-responders caught in the bottom 0-15%. FFR also offers an accelerated program with writing and vocabulary skills for SAT prep, as well as professional development programs for your staff.

An example of Failure Free's online computer component

“The success stories are almost too remarkable to believe unless you see it first hand.

Teachers love the program because it’s easy and it works. Students love it because it’s engaging.

Parents love it because often, for the first time, their children experience success.

The bottom line is that tough-to-teach students learn to read, and suddenly their whole world changes for the better.”

— Dr. William Schipper, Former Executive Director, NASDSE

"Failure Free Works!" Hear what a Washington D.C. teacher has to say about Failure Free

“Trust me, it’s never too late to help your non-readers take their crucial first steps to becoming readers.”
— Dr. Joseph Lockavitch, Founder & Author
Jeff Clayton - - Software Architect/IT Director