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Fast, non-phonic first approach to learning to read with comprehension!

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Posted: May 18, 2016, 12:46 pm
'Failure Free Lite' for the Content Areas
Over the years many of you have asked, where can I go after my students master Failure Free Reading's four color levels? I can now give you the opportunity to add a complete 72-story Windows-based Reading Comprehension Library that closely correlates to our four color levels.


Letter from the founder

Dr. Joe

For the following twenty years,
I have actively developed a
methodology that
would work for the
estimated 440,000 students
sitting in America's classroom with
a total sight vocabulary of less than
50 fifty words! I called that
methodology The Failure Free
Reading Methodology, because it
was so successful with these
hard-core non-responders.

-Dr. Joe Lockavitch

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