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Failure Free Reading Home Edition builds off the belief that when it comes to struggling readers, we often underestimate the level of their ability as well as using the same instructional approach to reading. Instead of using the same approach, Failure Free Reading believes by changing the approach and the child’s reading abilities will improve, regardless of age, or reading ability.

Failure Free Reading Home Edition is a nationally recognized reading comprehension program for struggling readings, especially those in which a phonics-based program has failed to produce adequate results as well as for students who can read aloud but display little to no comprehension of the information they have read.

The program is designed to be both parent and child friendly. Parents are given two instructional online options: (1.) child initiated, self-paced, multi-sensory talking software lessons, complete with video instruction, or (2.) adding a scripted parent-led guided-reading instructional component that precedes the child’s online software instruction.

Failure Free Reading is 100% digital and also includes downloadable reinforcement activities. Failure Free Reading’s daily lessons and thousands of reinforcement activities teach mastery of the critical academic vocabulary deemed necessary for reading success, from beginning 1st grade up to SAT/ACT. A diagnostic assessment helps to identify the child’s current academic reading grade level and places the child in the instruction that corresponds to this level.

Jeff Clayton - - Software Architect/IT Director