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For 25 years, Failure Free Reading has been the
intervention that schools turn to when all others have failed!
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ID Teacher calls Failure Free "an AMAZING reading program" [ MORE ]    
Failure Free Videos


Deaf Education
These are secondary teachers of the Deaf at the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind. These teachers been using FFR for the past five years.

(St. Augustine, Florida)

Deaf Education
Dr. Lockavitch was doing an on-site training at the Georgia School for the Deaf. He asked if they had a non-reader. They brought in this young man. This is totally unscripted. He is reading from our Life Skills "Getting An Apartment Series".

(Cave Spring, Georgia)

A walk-in hispanic family comes to the Faiure Free home office to find out how Failure Free Reading can help their child learn to read in English.

(Concord, North Carolina)

Down Syndrome
A homeschooled 14 year old girl with Down syndrome learns to read with the Failure Free Reading program, after other sight word and phonics programs did not work for her.

(2010, Tennessee)

At-Risk Adolescent
Dr. Joseph Lockavitch, President of Failure Free Reading, talks through the beginning of the program with an at-risk 15 year-old reader. Watch as a 9th grader, with a 2nd grade reading level, changes dramatically with less than 20 minutes in Failure Free.

(2008, Florida)

Angie Meredith, a 26 year Special Education teacher, shares her experiences and the excitement she sees in her mostly Autistic students when it comes time for Failure Free Reading.

(2008, Crenshaw County, Alabama)

Cerebral Palsy
Angie Meridith talks about visual aids and image association used in her teaching. See her reading through Failure Free material with Austin, a 9 year-old 4th grader with Cerebral Palsy.

(2008, Crenshaw County, Alabama)

Zach, an 8 year-old Special Education Student with Autism, reads through the materials he has learned thanks to Failure Free.

(2008, Crenshaw County, Alabama)

NYC Level I Teacher
Darrel McKnight, a Level I teacher in New York City, talks about his experience with Failure Free Reading. He directly attributes Failure Free to helping many of his students pass ELA Exams, which they previously were unable to. Darrel also speaks about an individual student whose attitude towards academics was completely turned around, into excitement and eagerness to learn.

(2008, M.S. 390, Bronx, New York)

Teachers from the Bronx in New York speak about the amazing results and change in attitudes and academics at their schools. They also share the incredible help it provides to ESL and ELL students throughout the area.

(2006, Bronx, New York)

Jose, a 3rd Grade ELL student who was referred to Special Education, excels after just 2 weeks in the Failure Free Program.

(2005, Washington, D.C.)

Struggling Reader
Stephon is a 5th Grade student falling behind in reading skills and showing a lack of motivation. See the results of 3 weeks with Failure Free.

(2005, Washington, D.C.)