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For 25 years, Failure Free Reading has been the
intervention that schools turn to when all others have failed!
Jeff Clayton - - Senior Software Engineer/IT Director
ID Teacher calls Failure Free "an AMAZING reading program" [ MORE ]    
Special Needs Populations

Proven High Intensity Reading Instruction for Special Needs Students

Failure Free Reading is a proven and easy-to-implement solution for differentiating reading instruction for students with a wide range of special needs: Learning Disabled, Mild and Moderate Intellectually Disabled, Autistic, Emotionally Disturbed, Deaf, and those with Speech and Language Deficits.

Talking software and integrated activities incorporate semantic and syntactic structures and systematic procedures shown by research to be particularly effective for students with Learning Disabilities. Its consistent, engaging multi-sensory environment is extremely important for students who can become easily frustrated and refuse to participate in further learning when faced with ineffective materials. When using Failure Free Reading, these same students can dramatically increase time on task, engagement and overall behavior.

Learn how Failure Free Reading's unique methodology is appropriate for:

Adolescents Severely Delayed in Reading
After School/Supplemental Educational Services (SES)
Home School Parents