Testimonials Page

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Mother of Tyler (age 9):

"I wanted to make sure he stayed ahead in his reading and comprehension."

"I think it's a wonderful program."

"From a parent's standpoint, it's kid friendly."

Mother of Lacy (age 7):

After 2 sessions online with Failure Free Reading:

It's a Miracle, it's Amazing...It's Great...She was engaged and focused. I saw a change in her demeanor too...It's exciting...it is so exciting...you did such a good job...I am so Happy

Father of Liam (age 4):

"I'm impressed...I'm very impressed...you could tell he has a genuine interest, he is responding to the lesson and to the way it was put together."

"The words were there, it was easy to read...he was very excited."

"First of all, you have a 4 yr. old...He was very, very attentive and very focused and very engaged in the whole process, which I think is very important...especially considering in this age, it's hard to get them to sit down for anything."

Teacher of Bolivia, South America:

"I only used Failure Free Reading for a month and a half and I had very good results. One of my students was in 2nd grade and after summer vacation her teacher could not believe how much she improved. She asked: 'What did you do?' My other student is a 9th grader, his reading fluency, comprehension and vocabulary improved very much."