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I am going to the park. I am going to the park with my father. I am going to the park with my father and my mother.
I am going to visit. I am going to visit my aunt and my uncle. I am going to visit my aunt and my uncle for a week.
I am going on a train ride. I am going on a train ride by myself. I am going on a train ride by myself to visit my grandmother and my grandfather.
I am aboard the passenger car ready to start this afternoon's adventure. The conductor announces to everybody that the train is about to begin on our journey. He also said the journey will contain some danger, but there was no reason to fear for our safety.
My mother and I are going to the downtown mall. My mother is going to shop for a birthday present for my younger brother while I visit with my friend at the music store.
The downtown mall is one of the largest malls in the country with three levels. The first two levels contain department stores, specialty shops, restaurants, and a movie theater. There are certainly enough businesses on these two upstairs levels to delight any amount of excited shoppers who are anxious to find a bargain.
I am standing in the parking lot of the downtown mall. There is an enormous amount of activity in the atmosphere. I am able to observe the construction of a new coliseum and convention complex. The complex will be home to a new auditorium, a hockey rink, a sports arena, and an entertainment center.
The girl was accustomed to going to school with her best friend. Her best friend would accompany the girl everyday. One day the best friend's family moved away. The girl had to walk to school by herself. The girl hated the best friend's absence. The girl felt abandoned.
The attorney and her acquaintance were astounded when they saw the abundant size of the rock singer's house. The house was large enough to accommodate over a hundred people at a time.
The woman abhorred the atomic bomb. She thought this armament was an appalling apparatus designed to annihilate millions.
The doctors were amazed at how lucid the patient was during the operation. They knew that this was not a superficial wound caused by an obscure little cut. They scrutinized that it would take at least one hundred stitches.


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