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$100 Tier 2 Intervention for One Group
of up to 4 Students

This online-only, short term special edition of Failure Free was designed to rapidly assess the responsiveness of Tier ll readers to our nationally recognized intensive language development-based non-phonic interventions while producing dramatic results in just 30 hours!

Each small group ticket provides access to two complete stories, or approximately 30 hours of intense instruction. Daily lesson materials for direct teacher instruction, web-based talking software review, and print reinforcement activities and independent reading. You WILL see changes in reading ability and attitude within the very first lesson!

1) Enroll and Place Students

Identify your group. Then, enroll your students and have them take their initial placement testing. They will be assigned to what we call their "reading challenge level".

2) Instruct

We use a perfect combination of teacher/ student interaction, software learning and individual activities to reinforce the new materials presented to your students. We call this the 3 T's of learning instruction. Teaching, Text and Technology.

3) Finish and Measure Growth

Once your group has completed their instruction, view multiple reports on their progress. Our system includes measurements of attitude change, word recognition, comprehension, and fluency growth. Our detailed item analysis sheets provide everything you need to assess student improvement.

4) Decide

Once your group is done with our short intervention, you can use our data to make an educated decision whether they would benefit from more instruction within our program. You can then upgrade students to our Tier 3 solution, allowing them access to our entire curriculum, which ranges from kindergarten to SAT level vocabulary.